A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Game Title:  Dash & Slash

Created by:

Programming - Adam Bethell

Art and level design - Tom Bethell

Sound FX and music - Toby Misselbrook


This game requires a controller. (Checked with both XB360 and ps4 controllers).

Included are build for windows and OS X. (Checked on: OSX 10.12.5, Windows 7, Windows 10).

Goal: You control the ninja. Get to the end before you lose all your energy.

To dash (your move / attack) aim with the left analogue stick and charge up with the ‘x’ button on ps4 controller and ‘b’ on XB360 controller.

If you charge for too long the dash will automatically trigger at full charge. Letting go early gives control over the force of the dash.

The dash is deadly to enemies for 2 seconds but is cancelled upon contact with any surface.

Each dash loses the ninja 1 energy. 

Coming in contact with a drone or mobster while not dashing loses the ninja 1 energy.

Staying still for too long loses the ninja 1 energy.

Regain all energy by killing an enemy.

How our game matches the theme of ‘Dual purpose design’:

We believe our game matches this theme as the player character has only one action that is used for everything.

The dash.

It’s both how the ninja moves and attacks.

It’s also tied to his number of charges (effectively life) with dashes losing charges and kills replenishing.

Staying still causes a tick down to losing charges which means the character has to move and therefore has to kill.

Third-party resources used:


Unity Engine 5 (personal edition),

FMOD (free license for indies and students)


Logic Pro X,

Native Instrument’s Massive,

Valhalla Shimmer,

Party horn sound under public domain (https://freesound.org/people/soundstack/sounds/203246/),



Link to project and source code:




Install instructions

Unzip the download and lauch either the .exe or .app for Windows or Mac


GMTK-GameJam_Dash_and_slash_BUILDS.zip 53 MB